This bronze plaque mounted on granite commemorates the U.S. Western Task Force.

Western Naval Task Force Marker


The Western Naval Task Force Marker in Casablanca, Morocco is located at the Ben M'Sik civilian cemetery. The bronze plaque, mounted on a solid block of Moroccan granite, commemorates the U.S. Western Task Force, which successfully made assault landings in Morocco at Mohammedia, Safi and Kenitra on November 8-11, 1942. This was the first ever trans-oceanic amphibious operation, which embarked from Hampton Roads, Va. and was comprised of American troops that were transported and supported by 100 naval vessels. The landings were made near Casablanca on the Atlantic coast of French Morocco.


Cemetery Information

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The Western Naval Task Force Marker is located within the Ben M'Sik civilian cemetery, and therefore adheres to the cemetery operating hours.

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The Western Naval Task Force Marker is managed and maintained by staff at North Africa American Cemetery. Please direct queries about the Western Naval Task Force Marker to the cemetery.

North Africa American Cemetery
BP 346 Sidi Bou Said
tel 216 71 74 77 67

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