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Click here to see a large view of the Bellicourt Monument.

The Bellicourt American Monument is nine miles north of St. Quentin (Aisne), France on the highway to Cambrai, France and one mile north of the village of Bellicourt, France. It is 97 miles north of Paris and three miles from the Somme American Cemetery. Erected above a canal tunnel built by Napoleon I, it commemorates the achievements and sacrifices of the 90,000 American troops who served in battle with the British Armies in France during 1917 and 1918.

Click here to see a large view of Bellicourt Monument.

The tunnel was one of the main defense features of the Hindenburg Line which was broken by the American troops in a brilliant offensive in September 1918. Engraved on the rear facade of the memorial is a map illustrating the American operations; on the terrace is an orientation table.