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Click here to see a large view of the Kemmel Monument.

The World War I Kemmel American Monument is six miles south of Ieper (Ypres), Belgium, near Vierstraat, Belgium on the Kemmelberg (Mont Kemmel) Road overlooking the bitterly contested Ypres Battlefield. Ieper is 54 miles south of Ostend (Oostende), Belgium, 76 miles west of Brussels, Belgium, and 165 north of Paris. It is accessible by train.

This small monument on a low platform consists of a rectangular white stone block, in front of which is carved a soldier's helmet upon a wreath. It commemorates the services and sacrifices of the American troops who, in the late summer of 1918, fought nearby in units attached to the British Army. Some are buried in Flanders Field American Cemetery at Waregem, Belgium, 10 miles to the west.