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There is a bronze tablet located in the U.S. Chancellery in Papua New Guinea paying homage to the sacrifice and achievements of the American Armed Forces in the southwest Pacific region. Its inscription reads as follows:

The United States of America
honors the courage and sacrifice of the American
fighting units who with our Australian
and New Zealand allies joined in combat
against a determined foe half a century ago.
Papuan and New Guinean Service Units,
the Royal Papuan Constabulary,
Scouts War-Carriers stood bravely with the allies
to stem the tide of militarism in the Pacific.
The bonds of friendship forged here during World War II
endure to this day.
This monument is dedicated in humble tribute
to the legacy of freedom secured for generations
yet to come by those who fought for the allied cause.

Dedicated on November 6, 1992, the 50th Anniversary of
the arrival of General Douglas MacArthur’s Southwest
Pacific Area command in Port Moresby.