WWII Veterans Visit Sicily-Rome: Andrew Poteete and Ernest Spencer, Jr.

WWII veterans Poteete and Spencer stand next to a panel about the 88th Infantry Division.
WWII veterans Andrew Poteete (L) and Ernest Spencer, Jr. (R) stand next to the 88th Division panel at the Sicily-Rome Visitor’s Center. Both Poteete and Spencer served with the 88th Division. Spencer fought 550 straight days of combat through five major battles, from North Africa through Sicily, Cassino, all the way to Verona, Italy when the war ended. His unit had 4-90mm anti-aircraft guns that shot more than 15,000 shells throughout its time in the war. One of his best buddies, who was in a different unit, was killed by a Germanshell in Italy, while helping a wounded comrade. Poteete fought through three major battles as a Radio Operator, spending much of his time near the front lines. He lost two of his best friends from his unit in Italy.