Brittany American Cemetery

This World War II cemetery in France contains the graves of more than 4,400 war dead, and nearly 500 names on the Walls of the Missing, most of whom lost their lives in the Normandy and Brittany Campaigns of World War II.

Video Transcript: 

NARRATOR: Seventy miles southwest of the Normandy Beaches in France is Brittany American Cemetery. Near its entrance stands a Romanesque-style chapel. At its base, a sculpture symbolizes the triumph of youth over evil. More than 4,400 Americans are buried here. Most lost their lives extending the Normandy beachhead eastward toward the Seine River in the Second World War. Among the graves are two Medal of Honor recipients. Overlooking the cemetery are walls with names of the missing. Inside the chapel, above the altar, is a stained glass window with the seal of the United States. On the chapel walls, detailed maps depict the major military engagements in the region and throughout Western Europe. The maps were created with aggregates of colored glass and inset brass lettering. Memorial Day ceremonies here and at other ABMC cemeteries are heavily attended by local residents. Many French families adopt individual graves and visit frequently to pay their respects. Chapel bells toll daily in memory of the Americans who liberated this region.