Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery

This World War II cemetery in Belgium contains the graves of more than 7,900 war dead, and 450 names on the Walls of the Missing, most of whom lost their lives during the advance of the U.S. armed forces into Germany.

Video Transcript: 

NARRATOR: About 70 miles southeast of Brussels, Belgium is Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery. Many of the nearly 8,000 Americans who rest here lost their lives during the Battle of the Bulge. Others died in the Battle of the Huertgen Forest and the Battle of Aachen. Survivors of those battles still return to visit their fallen comrades. This man brought his son and grandson to visit the grave of his brother. Among the headstones are 35 pairs of brothers. Here, three brothers lie next to one another. Belgian school children visit frequently to pay their respects, and to learn about the Americans who liberated this part of Belgium in World War II. The memorial has a visitor’s room and maps depicting military operations in the region. A small chapel provides a place for quiet reflection. Carved on 12 pairs of columns on the memorial plaza are the names of the missing. Twenty-two American prisoners massacred by the German SS at Malmedy rest here. Above the graves, a bronze statue of an archangel bestows a laurel branch to the heroic dead.