Sicily-Rome American Cemetery

This World War II cemetery in Italy contains the graves of more than 7,800 war dead and nearly 3,100 names on the Walls of the Missing.

Video Transcript: 

NARRATOR: 38 miles south of Rome, near the famous Anzio beachhead is Sicily-Rome American Cemetery. In this 77-acre World War II burial ground are the remains of nearly 7,900 American men and women. They lost their lives in the liberation of Sicily, the landings in Salerno and Anzio, and in the heavy fighting northward. Plot “B” contains many members of Audi Murphy’s platoon. Comrades still come to visit. Several nurses buried here were killed by an exploding shell at what is now the cemetery entrance. Here, a complete bomber crew is buried side by side. The grounds and gardens are magnificently kept year round. The classically inspired memorial is constructed of Roman travertine. On its face, a relief carving depicts an angel holding a lifeless soldier. The spirit of the memorial is captured in the “Brothers in Arms” statue that stands at its center. 23 sets of brothers are buried side by side in the cemetery. Large, colorful maps depict American military operations in Italy and Sicily. The memorial chapel has walls of white Carrara marble engraved with the names and ranks of the missing. A ceiling dome sculpture depicts the planets in the same positions they occupied at the precise moment of the Anzio landings.