WWII Veteran Visits Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery

A World War II veteran visits Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Belgium to pay his respects to his fallen comrades.Video courtesy of American Forces Network Europe.

Video Transcript

NARRATOR, AIRMAN BENJAMIN LANDON: Veterans like John Gatens, a World War II veteran, who fought in Europe as a corporal, gather at the Henri-Chapelle Cemetery for a wreath-laying ceremony to honor the fallen soldiers they fought beside.

WORLD WAR II VETERAN JOHN GATENS: Right now, it is sad because tonight, when I fall asleep, if I fall asleep, memories start coming back, which haven’t done for some time now. But when you come for a situation like this it really is tough. The average age under these stones is 24 years old. It hurts me. The only thing I’m glad about is that I am not under one of them.

NARRATOR, AIRMAN BENJAMIN LANDON: After the ceremony the veterans took a moment to say their last goodbyes to their fallen comrades. In Henri-Chapelle, I’m Airman Benjamin Landon.