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WWII veterans support each other as they stand before the Brothers in Arms statue at Sicily-Rome American Cemetery.

WWII Veteran Thomas Bristow stands next to 2nd Lt. Alwayne M. Dunlop’s grave. Dunlap and Bristow were a part of the famed Tuskegee Airmen (332nd Fighter Group), which was an all-African-American fighter group .

WWII Veteran Ernest Spencer, Jr., reflects in front of Capt. Henry T. Waskow’s grave. Spencer fought 550 straight days of combat through five major battles, from North Africa through Sicily, Cassino, all the way to Verona, Italy when the war ended. His unit had 4-90mm anti-aircraft guns that shot more than 15,000 shells throughout its time in the war. One of his best buddies, who was in a different unit, was killed by a German shell in Italy, while helping a wounded comrade.

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Sicily-Rome American Cemetery is the final resting place to nearly 8,000 Americans that gave their lives in World War II.


Sicily-Rome American Cemetary Visitor Film

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Seen in the visitor center at Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, this film tells the story of those Americans who fought in the Italian...

Sicily-Rome American Cemetary

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This World War II cemetery in Italy contains the graves of more than 7,800 war dead and nearly 3,100 names on the Walls of the Missing.

Capt. Robert B. Conlon

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Killed on May 21, 1944 by German machine-gun fire, Capt. Robert B. Conlon’s actions, just before his death, saved the lives of 1,000 men....

A Memorial Day Message

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ABMC Secretary Max Cleland remembers the sacrifice of our fallen this Memorial Day weekend.


Depiction of the words "The Strategic Bombing Campaign"

The Allied Strategic Bombing Campaign of World War II aimed to destroy infrastructure and civilian moral. Follow the actions of the Allied Air War from the beginning as they ramped up their air capability all the way to the end of the war in Europe.

Interactive map showing location of Sicilian Campaign events

This free, digital tool allows users to follow the path of Allied forces in Sicily from the landings on July 10, 1943 through mid-August.


Sicily-Rome American Cemetery App
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