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Korean War Listing by Unit

Type the number and letters of the unit you wish to find, then click the search button. The units differ in format by service. (See below)



The Air Force
For the Air Force the squadron is listed first. For example, the 12th Fighter Bomber Squadron is listed "12 FTR BOMB SQ." You may enter just "12" and get all units that start with 12. The 39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron is listed as "39 FTR INTCP SQ." You may find listings for squadrons that are listed twice, one for each group or wing that it served under.

The Navy
For Naval Air the number precedes the unit. The 47th Patrol Squadron is listed as "47 PATRON," the 35th Composite Squadron as "35 COMPRON," and the 63rd Fighter Squadron as "63 FITRON." Naval shipboard members are listed by the ship they were on, for example the "USS PHILIPPINE SEA."

The Marine Corps
For the Marine Corps we use the familiar "F CO 2 BN 5 MAR." If you enter "2 BN 5 MAR" you will get all members of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. For Marine Air, you enter "121 MAR ATK SQ."

The Army
We do not have all of the company assignments for the Army. If you enter "A CO 15 INF," you will get those members of Company A that we have on file. We only list the company and regiment, not the battalion. If you want all members of the 15th Infantry Regiment you should enter "15 INF."