80th Anniversary of D-Day at Normandy American Cemetery

June 6, 2024 will mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings along the Normandy coast during World War II. This event, which ultimately led to the liberation of Europe, will be commemorated at Normandy American Cemetery.

For questions regarding the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, please contact us at: dday80@abmc.gov.  If you are the family member of an individual who is buried or memorialized in Normandy American Cemetery or traveling with a World War II veteran, please include that information in your email.

Email Notification: ABMC employees are unable to send communication via email to "@free.fr" email accounts. Please use an alternate email address when communicating with Normandy American cemetery staff, provide an alternate method to contact you within your email or contact the cemetery by telephone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Directions to site

Travel via Car
From Paris, travel via highway A-13 towards Caen. Continue on N-13 to Bayeux and Formigny. Continue on D-517 towards St. Laurent-sur-Mer and D-514 to Colleville-sur-Mer. Signs mark the entrance to the cemetery.

Travel via Train
There is rail service between Paris (Gare St. Lazare) and Bayeux, where taxis and tour bus service is available. Travel by rail takes three hours.

Travel via Airplane
Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is approximately 191 miles east of the cemetery.

Drone policy

A film permit is required to use a drone.


ABMC cemeteries, monuments, and memorials are pristine national shrines, for the purpose of remembrance and commemoration. With the exception of water, visitors may not consume food and beverages within the cemetery grounds.

Handicap access

The cemetery is wheelchair accessible.


ABMC cannot provide lodging recommendations but there are various lodging options within a 30-minute drive of the cemetery.

Personal transportation

No vehicle is allowed inside the cemetery grounds, to include bicycles, electric scooters, skateboards, etc. Most of our cemeteries have parking areas, which include racks for visitors to secure their bicycles. ABMC encourages individuals planning to visit to contact the cemetery staff via phone or NormandyVisits@abmc.gov to get available updates and information.


Personal photos are allowed throughout the cemetery grounds. We remind visitors that our cemeteries are sacred places of remembrance and commemoration, therefore, please make sure that the photos you take are respectful of the site and the men and women buried and commemorated within. Photos of a non-commemorative nature including tik-tok videos, wedding photos, political advocacy, publicity, or for influencer promotion are not acceptable. Any videos or photography for commercial/media purposes must be requested in advance through the ABMC public affairs office through a film permit. A film permit is also required for official film and photography shoots, and for any visitors, media or organizations wishing to use a drone.


ABMC cemeteries are the sacred and final resting place of men and women who sacrificed their lives for freedom. Many of these people fought bravely in their country’s uniform and some earned military decorations for their valor. ABMC’s position is that is it disrespectful for visitors to wear unearned U.S. military rank or decorations. Accordingly, reenactors displaying U.S. military rank or decorations will be asked to remove them prior to entering the cemetery grounds. Additionally, the following restrictions apply at all ABMC sites: 1) Real or replica weapons of any kind are prohibited; 2) tracked vehicles of any kind are prohibited 3) if antique military vehicles are parked in ABMC parking lots, drivers must place an oil drain pan on the ground under the vehicle. Cemetery staff have the ultimate authority to determine what is acceptable and visitors should contact the cemetery for clarification prior to visiting by emailing: NormandyVisits@abmc.gov.


Porta Potty restrooms are available before and during the D-Day 80 ceremony. The visitor center and public toilet buildings are accessible only after the ceremony.

Service dogs

Our cemeteries are the resting places of thousands of fallen American service members. To ensure our sacred sites are kept at the highest standard possible, the only animals allowed within cemeteries and memorials are specially trained guide dogs or other service dogs accompanying individuals with disabilities. We ask that owners of these animals maintain proper decorum. Animals needing to relieve themselves must be taken outside of the viewshed of the plot areas and the owner must remove any waste from the site. Ultimately, the cemetery staff will determine whether a service dog may access the cemetery, therefore, visitors wishing to bring service dogs should contact the cemetery prior to visiting. Visitors may contact the cemetery staff via phone or NormandyVisits@abmc.gov to get available updates and information.

Water fountains

Water fountains are part of the restroom complexes and cannot be used before and during the D-Day 80 ceremony. The visitor center and public toilet buildings are accessible only after the ceremony.