Cambridge American Cemetery

This World War II cemetery in England contains the graves of more than 3,800 war dead, and nearly 5,130 names on the Walls of the Missing.

Video Transcript: 

NARRATOR: Just outside the university town of Cambridge, England is Cambridge American Cemetery. It is the only permanent American World War II military cemetery in the British Isles. A court of honor leads to the memorial and graves area. More than 3,800 Americans are buried here. Some were crewmembers of British-based American aircraft. Others died in the invasions of North Africa and France. Among the names on Walls of the Missing, you will find that of Alton Glenn Miller, the famous big band leader, whose plane went down over the English Channel, and Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., the brother of a president. The memorial building is constructed of white Portland stone. On its entrance doors are bronze models of military equipment and naval vessels. Inside, sunlight fills a large map room and a devotional chapel. The leaded-glass windows contain the seals of each U.S. State and Territory during the war. Above, a ceiling mosaic depicts the flight of ghostly aircraft into eternity. These brave American men and women, who sacrificed their lives for freedom, will always be remembered in England.