Florence American Cemetery

This World War II cemetery in Italy contains the graves of nearly 4,400 war dead, and more than 1,400 names on the Walls of the Missing.

Video Transcript: 

The Florence American Cemetery is just outside of Florence, one of the most renowned cities of Italy.
The cemetery, framed by the hills of Tuscany, commemorates the contributions and sacrifice of American servicemen and women in Italy during World War II.
Nearly 4400 are buried here.
Most died in the hard-fought campaigns against Nazi Germany in northern Italy in the war's final year.
The memorial stands on high ground,overlooking the headstones, with the Greve River in the distance.
A large stone pylon rises beside the memorial.
The spirit of peace, at the top, hovers over the fallen.
A devotional chapel, glowing with golden light, offers a setting for quiet reflection.
The mosaic behind its altar depicts a figure symbolizing Remembrance.
On a shaded walkway, the names of over 1400 of the Missing appear on granite panels.
A marble map depicts the remarkable American military operations and achievements in northern Italy following the liberation of Rome.
These deaths were not in vain.
The statue of an American soldier stands watch over his comrades as the Tuscan sun rises and falls over the cemetery.