Kemmel American Monument Dedication in 1937

The Kemmel American Monument Dedication is one of thirteen segments featured in the "America Honors Her Heroes" film. The film is the Official Record of the Dedication Ceremonies in 1937 at the American World War Memorials and Cemeteries in Europe.

Video Transcript: 

NARRATOR: North of Kemmel near the little village of Vierstraat in Belgium is located this memorial, which commemorates the services of the American troops which fought in the vicinity. In the presence of distinguished guests, Belgian and American war veterans, and local inhabitants, the monument is dedicated with a simple but impressive ceremony, held at the same time as the dedication at Audenaerde. The introductory address was made by Brigadier General J.B.P. Clayton Hill, a member of the American Battle Monuments Commission, the dedicatory address by the Honorable Ernest W. Gibson, United States Senator and a member of the official delegation, and the principle address by General Bernard W. Kearney, National Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, also a member of the official American delegation.

[music plays-American national anthem]