Memorial Day 2015 at Brookwood American Cemetery

Watch coverage of the 2015 Memorial Day Ceremony at Brookwood American Cemetery. Video courtesy of the 501st Combat Support Wing.

Video Transcript: 

Narrator: Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifices that preserved our nation and our way of live. Service members gathered at the only World War I cemetery in Britain to remember their brave predecessors.

Military Officer: These were ordinary people doing extraordinary things. People like Medal of Honor recipient Gunner’s Mate 1st Class Osmond Ingram, who saved his ship’s crew during a torpedo attack, yet perished himself—the only casualty of that day.

Narrator: Each of the 468 buried and 563 missing share the same story of sacrifice and service before self.

Military Officer: Many, seen here before you, continue to answer that call. And yes, many continue to make the ultimate sacrifice. For those whose service we honor today we owe a promise, a promise that we will never forget them or their sacrifices, a promise that their efforts are not in vain. That we will remain strong, always prepared, and if necessary will fight to preserve the freedoms and our way of life.

Narrator: Air Force Sergeant Joseph Vigil,Brookwood, Surrey, United Kingdom