ABMC documentary to be screened at Virginia Tech

To mark a hundred years of commemoration, ABMC released a unique 56-minute documentary, "Our Promise: 100 years of the American Battle Monuments Commission."

The unique documentary, which honors both the sacrifice of our fallen and the dedication of ABMC staff to keep their legacy alive, will be screened at Virginia Tech Oct. 15. A Q&A session will follow, which includes ABMC Historian Benjamin Brands.

Since its beginning, ABMC has been focused on ensuring the stories of those who dedicated their lives to the service of our nation, are not lost.

From misty mornings in Normandy to golden hour in the Philippines, the 56-min movie features next-of-kin, employees at different levels, Americans at sites abroad with their families, citizens of other countries who work at sites and whose ancestors fought alongside Americans – all sharing what it means to be involved in the process of caring for, maintaining, and honoring the legacy of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.