New World War I Book of Essays Written by Eminent Historians Now Available

One hundred years ago, the United States entered the Great War, forever changing the country. In a matter of years, the United States was transformed from an inwardly-focused nation into the world’s leading economic and military power—marking the start of the “American Century.” From dramatic transformations in industry and technology, to the nation’s evolving perspectives on race, gender, and immigration, to debates about America’s role in the world and about civil liberties in times of national crisis, the reverberations of World War I ring loudly in nearly every aspect of American life today. To coincide with this anniversary, the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) and the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission, has published "World War I Remembered."

This collection of essays by eminent World War I scholars, including David Reynolds, Margaret MacMillan, and Eliot Cohen, does more than detail military contributions of the United States to the Allies’ victory. “WWI Remembered is a superb primer outlining our nation’s role in World War One,” said book editor and ABMC Acting Secretary Robert J. Dalessandro. “The war profoundly changed our country, setting up an American century and forging the accomplishments and failures of the next hundred years.”

In the course of 14 essays, the authors examine the country’s political and diplomatic path from neutrality to war; explore how the war shaped the roles of women, African Americans, immigrants, and other minorities; examine the evolution of the country’s industrial and agricultural capabilities, along with weaponry advances and fighting techniques; and reflect on American memory of the war and the purposes of commemoration.

Chapters are complemented by sidebar articles on topics ranging from the introduction of armored vehicles and the legendary “Harlem Hellfighter” unit of African-American soldiers, to food in the war and the first American women to serve in uniform.  Illustrated with vivid color images from period posters and publications, as well as historic photographs from archives and personal collections, this book serves as a resource for the World War I novice or experienced historian. Intentionally written for a broad audience, this book can provide new insights and information to those familiar with the events of 100 years ago or paint a clear picture of what occurred for those who are new to the topic.  It also includes maps and lists of NPS sites that have World War I connections, WWI military installations in the United States, and ABMC’s World War I cemeteries and monuments and Europe.

ABMC hopes that this book, edited by ABMC Acting Secretary Robert J. Dalessandro and former NPS chief historian Robert K. Sutton, will help commemorate the efforts of the generation of Americans who raised “the greatest generation,” and who aspired to leave future generations a world without war.

"World War I Remembered" is available for purchase online.

About ABMC:

Established in 1923 by Congress, ABMC is a U.S. government agency charged with commemorating the service, achievements and sacrifice of the U.S. Armed Forces where they have served overseas since 1917. ABMC administers our nation’s commemorative cemeteries and federal memorials overseas.