Brookwood American Cemetery

This World War I cemetery in England contains the graves of nearly 470 war dead, and more than 560 names on the Walls of the Missing.

Video Transcript: 

Brookwood American Cemetery is about 30 miles southwest of London.
The cemetery grounds are much like a beautifully-kept English garden – framed by masses of flowering shrubs and evergreens.
Within it are the graves of nearly 470 American servicemen and women who died during World War I.
Some from wounds received in battle… Others from disasters at sea. Many succumbed to the great Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918.
Forty-one headstones mark the graves of unknown soldiers.
The white stone chapel resembles a small Greek temple.
Inside, stained-glass windows light the altar.
The walls are lined with the names of over 560 Americans missing at sea.
Medal of Honor recipient Osmond Ingram was the first enlisted sailor killed in action in World War I.
The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Tampa went down with the loss of all hands, sunk by a German submarine.
This was the largest American naval loss of the war.
The lives of over a thousand Americans are commemorated at Brookwood.
They are all remembered and honored.