Lorraine American Cemetery

This World War II cemetery in France contains the graves of nearly 10,500 war dead, and more than 440 names on the Walls of the Missing.

Video Transcript: 

Lorraine American Cemetery is located just outside the town of St. Avold, France, near the border with Germany.
It is the largest American World War II military cemetery in Europe.
Nearly 10,500 American servicemen and women rest here among the rolling woodlands of eastern Lorraine.
Most died in fierce battles to liberate Lorraine, beat back counteroffensives, and drive into Nazi Germany.
Five are medal of Honor recipients.
The limestone memorial rises 67 feet above the ground.
An enormous carving of St. Nabor stands high on the front memorial façade, watching over the graves.
Inside is a sunlit chapel and wall map.
Sculptures above the altar represent the eternal struggle for freedom.
Among the historical figures portrayed is George Washington.
Brightly-colored ceramic maps portray military operations in Western Europe and the fighting around the St. Avold region.
The walls flanking the memorial building are engraved with Tablets of the Missing, listing the names of nearly 450 Americans.
Men and women buried here came from every U.S. state and territory.
They were of many different races… many different creeds… and many different stations in life.
All of them gave their lives in the cause of liberty.