Manila American Cemetery

This World War II Cemetery in the Philippines contains the graves of nearly 17,100 war dead, and nearly 36,300 names on the Walls of the Missing.

Video Transcript: 

NARRATOR: Manila American Cemetery is located just outside the capital city of the Philippines. It is the largest of all American overseas military cemeteries. Here rest more than 17,000 Americans who died in the Pacific and China-Burma-India Theaters of the war. Among the war dead are 28 World War II Medal of Honor recipients. In twenty instances, two brothers are buried side by side. 570 Philippine scouts who served with their U.S. comrades in the Pacific are also buried here. Philippine school children often visit to learn more about the history they share with Americans. The memorial is comprised of a central chapel flanked by two curved walkways. On the face of the chapel is a large relief sculpture of St. George battling the dragon. Behind the altar inside is a blue-glass mosaic of a Madonna bestowing flowers to the honored dead. More than 36,000 names, one-third of all the missing in World War II, are inscribed within two memorial hemicycles. Four map rooms depict the major land and sea engagements of the war. Throughout the day the chimes of a carillon drift over the cemetery. “As these bells ring, honored dead rest, freedom lives.”